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grenke for manufacturing

Globalization, digitalization, industry 4.0 – your company’s success depends on taking strategic decisions and acting quickly. You can have all the freedom you desire with tailor-made financing solutions from grenke. 

New technology creates new markets. Drastic system disruptions call for new solutions. Solutions for mobility, energy generation, product design, and information sharing, for example. What challenges is your company facing? 

Whether you are looking to make your production more flexible, connect your branch network, or improve your customer experience – innovation is always associated with financial risks. grenke grows with you. Our solutions can be as global and flexible as you want them to be. And we can work as closely with you as you want.

Specialized in diversity

Whether it be mechanical engineering or the chemical industry – our financial advisers are familiar with the diverse requirements and challenges of your industry. We will work with you to find the right solution to your financing needs. For example, when it comes to equipment leasing.

What type of leasing suits you?

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Take three steps to your fitting leasing solution

There are different types of leasing based on your investment needs. Take our test and find out in no time which one is right for you.

Do you make investments several times a year?

Do you regularly invest in different types of assets for your business?

Do you spend a lot of time signing up to leasing and purchase agreements for your business equipment?

The right leasing option for you is the Master Lease Agreement

You have higher investment needs and need the flexibility that this entails. That’s exactly what you get with the grenke Master Lease Agreement, which allows you to lease office equipment in a way that suits your needs. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

The right leasing option for you is Classic Lease

You are looking for consistent installments that give you certainty around your investment plans, but also would like to stay flexible. Look no further than grenke’s Classic Lease option – it’s just what you need. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

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What are your plans?

So that things don’t grind to a halt

Plannable liquidity is a must if you’re looking to invest in your company. What you don’t want are financial bottlenecks after you have made a purchase. The solution? Classic Lease.

To help you stay ahead of the game

Efficient production is what helps you to secure your competitive market position. All the machinery and equipment you need are being enhanced and upgraded at increasingly shorter intervals. You need financial flexibility so that you can keep pace. And that’s just what you get with our Master Lease Agreement, which helps you to finance innovations at any time and maintain successful production operations.

Get your finances in order

Do you have regular outgoings for materials, energy, and development, or do you frequently pay in advance? Most companies don’t have the budget for cutting-edge equipment. Give yourself the freedom you need by leasing instead of purchasing your equipment.


Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to take care of you in person.

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