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Win-win for you and your customers

You give your all for your customers. Give a bit extra and get just as much back, if not more. Sound good? We think so, too. That’s why we support you with this as your partner.

We believe that more is always possible. That’s why we give our partners the extra support they need to achieve more. With leasing from GRENKE, you can offer your customers even more financing options, enabling additional liquidity, planning, and acquisitions that the budget previously wouldn’t allow.

And for you? Higher revenue, greater customer retention, and more sales. Like we said, more is always possible.

Offer leasing and reap the benefit

It’s not only your large product portfolio that has many benefits. More is better when it comes to financing, too. Find out how here.

Higher revenue

Give your customers financial freedom and you’ll get more orders.

Greater customer retention

Meet the needs of your customers and increase retention in the process.

More new customers

Attract new customers thanks to additional financing solutions.

Greater proximity

Score points with your service: provide financing advice, too.

This is how we help to make our partners successful

Flexibility for greater individuality

Customized solutions are standard in the IT industry. But can you get tailor-made financing for tailor-made solutions?  Yes, you can. A partnership with GRENKE gives IT companies additional room to maneuver thanks to flexible leasing options, and that allows them to make customer financing and services as customized as the solutions themselves.

Innovation can be financed

How do you share a ground-breaking but capital-intensive innovation with as many customers as possible? A suitable financing method is a key factor. This is precisely how GRENKE helps companies in the robotics industry to also supply their customers with the right financing options. This approach makes innovative technology – like a humanoid robot – accessible to customers in a broad range of industries.

Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to take care of you in person.

A partnership that takes you further

Long-term and successful cooperation – that’s what partnerships are all about. We achieve this with the help of our products, solutions, and advice. With all this, we give you everything you need to achieve higher revenue and greater customer retention. Because your success is what drives us.