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We are experienced trendsetters

Are you confident that you are really good at your job? This is what we like to see.

As an experienced manager, you probably have a varied career history. But this doesn’t mean that you want to rest on your laurels. Quite the opposite, in fact. Are you looking for a new challenge where you can assert your own ideas and inspire fresh momentum? This is the kind of attitude we like to see. It ties in with the culture that we aspire to in our business. So we would relish the opportunity to be successful and grow together with you going forward.

Our customers are entrepreneurs. And we tick in the same way they do.

This is exactly the spirit that we want to see in our employees, too. We are looking for employees to join our management team who want to make their ideas a reality with us. For their personal and our shared success.

“I am lucky that my profession is also my hobby.”


Change as a career driver

‘GRENKE is a highly innovative company. There are new challenges constantly. This also means sometimes having to do things that you’ve never done before. You need to want this – and not just as a manager. But if you show the right willingness, GRENKE offers its employees some fantastic opportunities. Don’t all companies make this claim? Perhaps. But we epitomize this claim. I’m one of the best examples of this myself. I was a qualified carpenter originally and joined GRENKE in 2001 as a leasing administrator. I’ve been a managing director since 2014 and have even taken on international responsibility since 2018 as Vice President.’

A common attitude that our many employees share is entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is part of our corporate culture – which is why we are looking for employees who think the same way we do. People who would like not only to do their job, but also to get actively involved in the business. So that we can grow together, personally and professionally.

What makes working at GRENKE so special

You need the right kind of environment to manage teams and demanding projects successfully going forward. GRENKE can offer you optimum working conditions.

We believe in a large amount of decision-making freedom and clearly defined areas of responsibility. After all, you can only think like an entrepreneur if you are given the freedom to do so.

We don’t think inside the box when it comes to solutions. And there are no rigid structures in our processes.

We are a global player and give our managers international opportunities where they can prove themselves, too.

Enabling you to further your personal development and us to grow our business success together is part and parcel of our corporate culture.

Why you should continue your career at GRENKE

You need to carefully consider where to make your next career move as an experienced manager. We recommend a company that is constantly growing and has a modern corporate philosophy based on success. GRENKE.

The opportunities we have to offer

It goes without saying that as a successful company we can offer you interesting job prospects, an international outlook, and attractive conditions. But the way in which we work is quite different. Like entrepreneurs. We give you a significant amount of freedom, including the authority to make decisions independently and help to shape strategic objectives. But we also give you a lot of responsibility – for budgets, for people, and for ensuring that our company is fit for the future. People who find this way of working appealing are very welcome at GRENKE. They will have a range of opportunities to help shape our company and make their mark.

Which area appeals to you?

As an international financing specialist, we can offer you interesting job prospects and challenges in our key areas of expertise.

Have we piqued your interest?

Are you looking for an environment that allows you to develop? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look at our job vacancies and find the position that suits you best.

What else would you like to know? We’re here to help.

If you have any more questions about working at GRENKE, we would be happy to advise you personally. Simply get in touch with our HR talent acquisition team or write to us using the contact form.

Sabine Sauerteig

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